bee propolis against aging

Bee propolis to fight against aging?

Propolis has interesting antioxidant and anti-glycation properties to prevent age-related illnesses and complications of diabetes. The propolis could enter natural anti-aging products. A French study reveals that experimentally the propolis allows reducing the level of...
royal jelly virtues

The virtues of royal jelly

The products of hive contain unsuspected health virtues. Royal jelly can be an interesting ally to relieve menopausal disorders. What is royal jelly? Royal jelly is a milky substance secreted by the feeding bee’s glands. It’s...
bee propolis hair loss remedy

Bee propolis, a new remedy for hair loss?

In an experimental study, the hairs grow back more rapidly after application of propolis. Many virtues are attributed to propolis: it has antiviral and anti-fungal activity, which can prevent and treat respiratory infections, treat genital...
bee pollen virtues

Bee pollen virtues

The products of the hive contain unsuspected health virtues. Pollen can be an interesting ally to relieve benign prostatic hypertrophy. What is bee pollen? Pollen is the male microgametophytes produced by the stamens of flowers. It...
honey against antibiotic resistance

Honey against antibiotic resistance

The antibacterial properties of honey could help to combat the increasing resistance to antibiotics. But you have to choose this honey. Honey, a food-medicine? According to a paper presented at the 247th National meeting of...