healthy places to live

Sea, mountain, countryside: where to live to be healthy

More and more studies show a natural environment is good for your health. Less pollution, less stress, facilities to do sports, sunny, positive effects on mental or immune health... The benefits of living away from...
air pollution food supplements body

Air pollution: food supplements protecting the body

Vitamin and fatty acid supplements have shown their interest in preventing damages induced from pollution. According to World Health Organization (WHO), 92% of the world's population will live in areas without meeting the air pollution...
reduce waste 10 steps

10 simple steps to reduce our waste

Today, each of us produces an average 590 kg of waste per year! Sorting is clearly not enough. The only viable solution is to generate less. Let's see how to reduce the volume of...
permaculture principles

The principles of permaculture validated by a scientific study

Agricultural yields are higher with polyculture than with monoculture. While modern agriculture promotes monoculture on the same plot, French researchers from the Centre for functional and evolutionary ecology (CEFE-CNRS/Université de Montpellier) and Inra from Lusignan...
protein cereals global warming

Less protein in cereals because of global warming?

The increase in the amount of atmospheric CO2 could lead to protein deficiency among millions of people around the world. Climate change increases the risk of heat waves, floods, some diseases, extinction of species... and,...