exercise promotes diversity intestinal flora

Exercise promotes the diversity of the intestinal flora

Among professional athletes, training associated with dietary proteins would stimulate the diversity of the intestinal flora. For a healthy and diversified intestinal flora, it would be better exercising than eating yoghurts with active bifidus. According...
air pollution sports

Can we do sports when we live in a polluted city?

In many cases, the benefits of sports outweigh the risks of overexposure to pollutants. Cycling and walking are two active modes of transport beneficial to health as they increase the body's physical activity. But active...
omega-3 improves sports performance

Omega-3 improves sports performance

Athletes who receive omega-3 fatty acid supplements have improved muscular function and less muscular fatigue A new study by researchers at the University of Toronto and published in the Journal of the International Society of...
cold bath against muscle soreness

A cold bath against muscle soreness

Plunging into cold water after exertion decreases aches. The body aches are caused by micro-traumas to the muscular fibers after a sports training. A normal phenomenon but can be problematic by preventing the athlete from...
natural anti-inflammatory

A natural anti-inflammatory: running (pedaling, swimming…)

Physical activity fights against inflammation, and the more you do it, the more it decreases. Running, swimming, biking, tennis ... Physical activity has many benefits, especially because it helps reduce inflammation. An article in the...